Monday, October 25, 2021

Why UFOs? You Tell Me!


Scary Books, Kiddies!

Why UFOs.  By John Keel.  Manor Books, 1976.  Published as UFOs:  Operation Trojan Horse in 1970 by Putnam.  No cover credit.

             As touted in the cover blurb:  “First time in paperback – the book that answer’s von Däniken's questions.”

            Keel’s answer:  Yes, we have indeed been visited by entities from elsewhere.  But, if only it were as simple as advanced aliens crossbreeding with dumb aborigines!

            No.  While not claiming absolute knowledge, Keel remorselessly lays out evidence for his theory—that the whole ET foofaraw is much too simplistic.  These “things” phase in and out of objective existence; they reappear over the same areas across hundreds of years; they utter the same sorts of nonsense across generations; and anything they say which can be objectively measured is nearly always incorrect.

            These phenomena, to Keel, suggest a kind of long-range programming system of rewards and aversions, of slaps and caresses.  To what end?

            That’s the scary question!  I urge you to read Keel’s work for yourself.  Yes, it’s dramatically written and at times alarmist, but his analyses ring true.

Will you heed this warning?  Only time will tell!

            Scared enough, kiddies?  See you on Thursday!


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