Monday, September 06, 2021

Some Notes About Kandor

While in my younger decades, I took many notes about things found in DC comics of the Silver Age. From 1990, here's a page of my notes about Kandor.
Of course, regarding Superman #158, I knew whereof I spoke.
I've lived with this puppy a long time.  Vide the portrait taken by Mom:
That's a plate of cinnamon toast on the left, my Kitty on the right, and my six-year-old self in the middle, with one of the best comics ever.

A few Super Blog posts regarding this comic:

Anyway, study my notes on the Bottle City of Kandor and write a nice long note on how it's now presented in the comics, compared and contrasted with the Silver age version.  Get those papers turned in by next Thursday!

Otherwise, I'll have to write something for Thursday!  Either way, see you then!

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