Thursday, April 22, 2021

Super Head-Butt Update

Most of this content appeared in a Super Blog post from September, 2006.  But the ending is new and improved!
The Left-Out Super-Power
Though it had its problems, Superman Returns was fun in some ways. The fanboy in me was tickled and thrilled to see him use Super-Breath to blow out a fire.

However, as I read through some of my Superman comics from the late 1950s, I see the Man of Steel often using a super-power that seems to be mostly ignored by today's comic writers...

The Super Head-Butt!

 Check out these examples from just three issues! 

The boulder smash-up (art by Wayne Boring) and the cannon panel (also by Boring) are BOTH from Superman 126.
The gong-shot (Kurt Schaffenberger) comes from Superman 128.
The helmet crunch (Al Plastino) is from Action 251. 

And now, my friends, the added bonus footage: 

In Superman #186, in order to fool a fake psychic (is there any other kind?), Superman and Supergirl stage an earthquake (art again by Al Plastino).

Oi vey! What a headache they’ll be having! Maybe it's time for a little Super-Aspirin!

See you next Monday for more April Foolishness!

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