Monday, April 05, 2021

Godzilla vs Kong Silliness

            In the brand-monkey-spankin’ new flick Godzilla vs Kong, I noticed a few howlers.  We’ll start in reverse order as to their occurrence in the film.
            At the one hour and twenty-seven minutes point, Kong and Godzilla are squaring off.  Kong hangs out on top of a building.  Given his size, he’d have to weigh hundreds of tons.  I don’t think any human-made building could handle that kind of torque!
            At the one hour sixteen-minutes point, there’s a nice touch which was surely intentional.  As ol’ Kong charges his weapon, there’s an energy ring in the shape of the Worm Ouroboros.
Don’t you agree?
            At 22:17, Kong is taking a boat ride.  Didn’t anybody think that on a long ocean voyage, the poor critter might get a tad sunburnt?  I mean, even in the atrocious 1976 film had Kong riding under cover, in a converted supertanker.
I can’t believe this howler made it into ANY supposedly professional production. Am I the only person who can spell “disembowelment”? If they took away his porridge, THEN perhaps you might say the “Titanus Cranium Reptant” was disemBOWLED.

Well, there you have it, silliness running rampant in modern-day showbiz. Whoda thunk it? see you on Thursday! 

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