Monday, March 01, 2021

Welcome to MARCH MAZEPPA MADNESS -- 2021 Edition!

It's gonna be a socko, boffo month here on the Super Blog, my fellow Mazeppites!  Please read the border of our header art!  Go to MAZEPPA.COM and buy The Lost Tapes of Mazeppa!  If you buy all four volumes (as I did!), then you'll get free shipping!

We commence this month with a salute to mine own dear mater, the mistress of stitchery, who made my Mazeppa outfit in 1971 (which I still possess and treasure, by the way!).
A more beautiful, patient, loving woman could not be found ... until I met and wooed She Who Is My Wife!  So, let's have a salute from all Mazeppites to Mary Lou!

And we'll see you back here Thursday for our next installment of MARCH MAZEPPA MADNESS! 

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