Friday, July 24, 2020

Big Bucks in TREK

 The above article looks forward to expected revenue for Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
 In 1982, licensors are looking for bootlegs!
In 1998, STTNG was just another cash cow.
 From later in 1988, Paramount execs discuss other ways to drain fans' bank accounts.
And from a 1991 TV Guide.  They call it trivia; some doofus will declare it a necessity!

Can't you see?  They're counting on you falling for the "collectability" conspiracy!

See you on Monday with even more TREK cartoons from magazines and newspapers.


Bob Johns said...

Great articles I had to look up Wizened tho that maybe they where dissin ET and yep they where.

Mark Alfred said...

Thanks Bob. Too bad that time turns things yellow.

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