Thursday, April 02, 2020

Adventure Time Is a Long Time!

            In May 2019, I was listening to the fun and amazing soundtrack to Adventure Time.

           I was bemused when listening to Volume 3.  Why?

Check out the playing time!

That’s a long, long time, campers!

That’s 128 quadrillion, 102 million, 389 thousand, and 401 hours.

That’s 5 quadrillion, 337 million, 599 thousand, 375+ days.

That’s 14 million, 623 thousand, 560+ years.

I am thankful to report that, upon actually listening, this volume only took about 40 minutes to hear.

You’ve heard of “Hammer time”?

and “bullet time”?

They ain’t got nuthin’ on Adventure Time!

See you on Monday for our next installment of April Foolishness!

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