Thursday, December 05, 2019

Shoppin' Silly, the Amazon Way! #1

We all know that websites, especially sellers, use algorithms to analyze our transactions.  They then tailor "suggestions" targeted to our presumed buying practices.

But sometimes those algorithms produce silly results!
Note that I'm suggested to buy this "Security Box" because I bought the Get Smart TV series.  Would liking spy spoofs make me more security-conscious?

Get Smart is likewise the inspiration for vacuum-cleaner bags.  Huh?  Maybe I need to clean up the Cone of Silence? 

Now, this suggestion I can sort of understand.  Yes, I confessed to Amazon that I own a copy of the movie The Sound of Music.  NO WONDER they think I need a drink!  Maybe the "bitters" would cut the saccharine storyline? 

Anyway, that's it for this shopping session.  See you on Monday for something more edifying -- I hope!

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