Friday, March 15, 2019

Mazeppa Cures Acne!

            Back in Ye Olden Days before VCRs, I was one of zillions of youngsters who did the next best thing to videorecording.  We held the mic of our cassette recorders to the TV and recorded the audio.

            I did this for Mazeppa’s show, a lot.  Too bad I no longer have any of those tapes!  However, I did replay them over and over.

            One of Mazeppa’s typical tricks was commercials for fake products, in the tradition of Bob & Ray’s fake sponsors.

            For one such spoof, the twisted mind of G. Ailard S. Artain conceived a product which years later would take the world by storm ...

He took the concept of the facial mask one step farther and made a “fake” commercial for a new product.

That product was Duct Tape.

Nowadays, this idea is common!

I can remember, verbatim, a few of the lines.  The camera showed Sartain holding tape to his face, which was then viciously yanked away.  Jim Millaway, Sherman Oaks, crowed, “Your friends will think you’ve hit the wah-wah pedal with our new product.”  Meanwhile, Sartain rolled on the floor holding his face, crying, “wah-wah” like a baby.

You know, these products are alive and well today in such products as Bioré blackhead strips.  So, if you dare, use one of these products.  But don’t forget Mazeppa’s slogan for this product:

Just wrap those pimples in tape ... and tear your troubles away!

See you on Monday for more March Mazeppa Madness!

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