Monday, October 29, 2018

Halloween Decoration Fail

One of the buildings I work at has a lot of fun decorating their offices.  There's  contest for the best door decoration, too.

In October 2017 I was walking the halls and was bemused to see a very silly Halloween window decal.

What's wrong with this picture?  Why, everybody knows that a vampire wouldn't be smiling if his coffin bore a cross.  The poor schmuck probably couldn't even open the lid.

Sheesh!  The level of public ignorance about the basics of life nowadays!  The goof level only increases when you realize that the illo is a commercially available product!  That means that many eyes looked at the image before it was distributed, and not one moron picked up on the jarring dissonance.

Well, grease up your trapdoors and fire up your bonfires.  I'll see you back here on Wednesday, the 31st, for our final installment of this year's Blog-o-Ween!

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