Friday, October 19, 2018

Aurora’s Monster Customizing Kits!

As complements to their boffo, socko Universal Monster models, Aurora Plastics released a couple of Monster Customizing Kits.

My big brother, custodian of all that was manly (under-21 manly that is), bought them.

Here are some instructions sheets for these amalgamations of things intended to make your scary plastic monsters even scarier.

As they did with most of the Aurora monsters line, Polar Lights reissued their own version of the Monster Customizing Kits.

What are we leading up to?  why, my fifty-plus-year-old leftovers!

This is what’s left.  The tombstones have some very suspicious “weathering” to try and bring out the lettering:


The Frankenstein head isn’t part of a customizing kit.  No, it’s the survivor of a spin-off series that combined racing and monsters.
Many of the monster-figure parts of those monster-racer kits were the same as the actual “monster” kits, as you can tell by this Frankenstein head.

See you right back here on Monday, my fellow A-SCARE-icans!

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