Monday, December 19, 2016

Farewell to OKC’s Almonte Theatre

In the Almonte Shopping Center at SW 59th & May, the Almonte Theatre 6 opened in 1982.

             Raiders of the Lost Ark ran there for years.  During the entire run, there was a cardboard standup for the film that was about ten feet tall and eight feet wide.  As I remember, it looked like this.

            Among the myriad films seen there were Jaws 3-D, Star Trek III, Silver Bullet, Red Dawn, An American Werewolf in London, and many more. 

            Of especial note is Return of the Jedi.  It opened on May 25, 1983.  A few days later, I stood in line at the Almonte 6 with my one-month-old son in a baby carrier, keeping him as comfy as possible.  This film was his first movie experience, not that he remembers (I hope – It was dark and loud!).

            When I stopped by the barber shop in the Almonte Center on October 19, 2016, there was a lot of activity going on in the location.  Guys were dragging out sections of chairs.

            A couple of fellows were loading a section or two into their pickup truck.  Evidently they were up for grabs, because there was a dumpster in front, filled with chairs!

            I sure wish I had me a pick-em-up truck.  If I did, then some of them chairs would be in my yard, you betcha!

            As of December 2016, the location is still vacant.

See you on Thursday, fellow memory sharers!

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