Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Action #305: Karen Apologizes for Hating Supergirl

Now , through a flashback-via-chronoscope, the resentful Karen Blair has seen for herself that the catastrophe which put her brother in a wheelchair and ended her father's life WAS NOT caused by the coincidental arrival of Supergirl's rocket to Earth.

The thing that zapped Dr Blair's observatory was an
If Dr Blair hadn't been a'shootin' those cosmic rays out inta space to talk to some other aliens, his equipment's space buzzin' wouldn't have disturbed that critter.

Soon all is forgiven ... the same Super-Memory that Karen didn't trust to remember Supergirl's rocket arrival now is good enough to get Dr Blair's gizmo "registered."  "Famous" surgeons are working to fix Bill Blair's legs; and Karen Blair now has a new ideal.

This filler page contains a fun Super-Turtle strip.  Note that Super-Turtle's first instinct isn't to just rescue the guy from the desert.  No, instead he's got to build a long pipeline to bring some water!

And the house ads for new-and-upcoming books includes one comic dear to my memory.  The middle issue being promoed is Superboy #108, on which I reminisced briefly in May 2008.  That comic was the only one to which I wrote a fan letter -- at the age of seven!  I only know about it because my Mom didn't mail it!  Once again, READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE.

See you on Friday for the wrap-up of out page-by-page tour through this fine Silver Age comic.


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