Monday, September 08, 2014

Memory Lane: STARLOG #10's Coverage of Bakshi's Sad Thing

From STARLOG #10, December 1977, we have some advance coverage of Ralph Bakshi's (false) messianic task of making a cartoon out of Tolkien's epic The Lord of the Rings books.

Only a survivor of this film can appreciate its creepiness.  It opened in November 1978, and Joyce and I attended opening weekend at OKC's Westwood Theatre.

Here is a recent photo of the building at NW 23rd & MacArthur, now used as a church.

They were hawking character buttons in the theatre lobby.  They were three inches across.  This is the only one I was willing to shell out for.

What an odd movie!  You shake your head and ask yourself, "Did this get approved to come out the way it did?"  And if so, how?  And if it wasn't intended to be such a mishmash of animation styles and poor storytelling, how did somebody let it GET this way?

Talk amongst yourselves ....

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