Monday, April 15, 2013

We Don't Know What Happened Long Ago

Here are more covers from my library of 1100+ books.  These have a theme of "Mysteries from the Past."

In the de Camps's book, we learn about the wonders of places such as Maccu Pichu, Stonehenge, the plain of Giza, and many more.
This book is also known in paperback as Citadels of Mystery.
The de Camps were wonderful people, if you can judge from ten minutes' interaction at a convention in the 1990s.  The book is non-speculation, but a descriptive one.  The wonder you feel is simply amazaement that people (whatever theis technological level) were able to figure out and build these things.  Always insightful and witty, the de Camps are the way to go when you want just the facts, ma'am.

Now, the Bords are very mystical and veddy, veddy British.  They love to give you mist-covered landscapes.  This book is very much in the school of ley lines and cosmic siginificance.

This book talks about mysteries such as the famous chimney tower in New England that is ascribed to the Vikings but is older (it's like Dr Fate's tower with no doors), and the so-called "Indian" mounds of the Mississippi Valley, and other things.  Of course some of those mounds were designed and built by American Indians, but some are older and, well, strange.  This book looks at things like that.
Now go out there and READ!  Just not Erich von Däniken...he's too silly.

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