Thursday, February 28, 2013

More Intriguing Amazon Suggestions

Amazon's "suggestions" algorithms sometimes leave me bemused.

Do you think they are trying too hard?  Maybe it makes a strange kind of sense....

You see, a year or two I added Fallout Shelter: Designing for Civil Defense in the Cold War (Architecture, Landscape and Amer Culture), by David Monteyne, to my Amazon "wish list."  This is not because I want to build a hideout, but because this volume looks like a cornucopia of Cold War and "retro" visuals.  Thes kind of graphics that I love.

I guess it's a case of misunderstood intentions.  If I truly wanted to build a shelter, then I might also be interested in buying all of these first aid supplies.  After all, a Doomsday Prepper would want his First Aid Kit stocked, yes?  With skin staples?  OUCH!

Not me, I just like to look at the pictures.

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