Monday, September 12, 2011

The End of Eerie 13

Here are the rear inside and rear outside covers of Eerie #13.

A blurb on the front cover told us to "Read why the number 13 scares you!"  Well, this idea was never specifically addressed by a story in this issue, but as a representative issue of scary magazine horror from the late 1960s, this mag presented me with a little frisson.

Those finger bones marching one-by-one back to their owner in "Wentworth's Day."  The discolored eye in "Tell-Tale Heart."  The beautiful cat-girl's glow-in-the-cave eyes.  The close-up of ogre loveliness.  And on and on.

Makes me wish my allowance had been bigger back then!

See you on Thursday with some Super-pix and the beginning of a book excerpt that includes an interview with our best friends from Cleveland, Jerry and Joe.

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