Saturday, January 17, 2009

What a Super Deal!

Last night, at Target, I was browsing through the DVD section. I saw Christopher Reed / Superman's image on a case that I didn't recognize. I grabbed it just for fun and looked it over.

Big deal -- all 4 Reeve Superman movies. But I already had them in the gazillion-dollar Ultimate Superman 14-disc extravaganza.

Then I turned the DVD case over to see that the films in this set had commentaries. Well, so did the Multi-Extravaganza! Except ...

History Time: When the big block Extravaganza was first released, I bought it. Then I found that, due to a screw-up on Warner Bros' part, the disc for Superman III did not have the DVD "extras" promised as advertised. The disc only has the movie, a trailer, and "Cast Bios." Now, Warber provided a phone number to call to get the disc replaced or whatever. I called the number many times, only to get a recording and no way to interact with said recording. So, I was stuck.

Until ... last night I was at Target (this is where we came in) ...

The Superman III disc in this Target set is the "Bonus" version left out of my Mega-Extravaganza set! It's got a commentary, a making-of featurette, and deleted scenes.

So, friends, if you want ONE version of all four Reeves Superman films with some extras, but don't want to pay 60 bucks or however much used copies of the 14-disc set cost nowadays ...

Go to Target. The four movies, on two double-sided discs, are $9.99.

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Tamara said...

I saw that disc at Target and almost picked it up. Movies 3 and 4 kept me from it. I may break down soon and buy it though. I actually don't own any of the Reeves Superman movies if you can believe it. I did buy the collectible 2 disc Supergirl DVD, however. As campy as that one was I still like it.

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