Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Here's a Fine Recipe

I've had this kicking around for at least twenty-five years, and I have no idea where I got it. However, it appeals to my sense of the absurd.

And, for the record, this is a recipe I've never tried.

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David Spencer said...

Who told you David McDaniel was a pen name? McDaniel was a real guy. He died in a household accident in 1977 after having also written the second book in the PRISONER series, an original science fiction novel of his own, and an UNCLE novel that was never published in which Waverly does and Solo takes over the organization, called THE FINAL AFFAIR. (It exists in bootleg manuscript, which I know for a fact, as I've read it. Don't get all anxious, though; it's not NEARLY as good as it sounds.)

The pseudonyms in the UNCLE series were Thomas Stratton (pseudonym of Robert Coulson & Gene Deweese), and Frederic Davies (pseudonym of Ron Ellik and Frederick Langley).

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