Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I Wonder Who's Kissing Him Now?

These Cheerios ads shared the same storyline as some that ran on TV.  Bullwinkle would get in trouble, doing something dangerous or shortsighted, while he and Rocky the Flying Squirrel were discussing the advantages of Cheerios cereal.  "Everybody should eat Cheerios," Bullwinkle avers, but  *BANG* "They should watch where they're going!" 

I can still hear (in my memory, of course) Bill Scott as Bullwinkle saying, that tagline.  Of course you can go online looking for "cheerios TV commercial Bullwinkle" and hear it yourself!

Fun, silly ads like this always beg one question for me.  If the wacky, fun, silly characters recommending these fine consumer products make such bad choices for everything else they do,  why is their endorsement of a consumer product a GOOD thing for the product's image? 

It's kind of like wondering, If a man in power makes a stupid personal decision regarding sex with a subordinate, and then lies about it, then why should you trust his word for anything else?  You can't compartmentalize character, folks!

Of course, if sidekicks like Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen learned this lesson, then pffft! there would go most of the story springboards for them!

For instance, here we have Lois Lane, stuck in the past, taking the place of Lara (she hopes) on a date with Jor-El, thereby hoping to supplant Lara in the Kryptonian scientist's heart (and lips).

(Remember that Lois travelled here to bring Earth plans for an Anti-Nuclear Ray, to prevent Krypton's self-destruction.)

Now, do you REALLY think that Jor-El thought that "Lo-Ane" (her adopted name) was Lara, his girlfriend?  SHOOT NO -- guy's aren't picky when it comes to smoochin' on a park bench!

But then all the laughter turns to sorrow, when three moons come out, Lo-Ane is revealed, and Lara shows up to lay a Trailer Trash Smackdown (patent pending) on Lois.

But Jor-El seems to not be mad at Lo-Ane.  In leaving with her, he mentions the Anti-Nuke Tower that's going to be turned on tomorrow, built from the plans Lois showed him.

Then, at the opening day ceremony, Bum-bum-BUMMM! The tower and the town it's in, all disappear!  What can it be now?

Find out Friday, with our next installment in our page-by-page march through Lois Lane #59.

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