Friday, October 19, 2018

Aurora’s Monster Customizing Kits!

As complements to their boffo, socko Universal Monster models, Aurora Plastics released a couple of Monster Customizing Kits.

My big brother, custodian of all that was manly (under-21 manly that is), bought them.

Here are some instructions sheets for these amalgamations of things intended to make your scary plastic monsters even scarier.

As they did with most of the Aurora monsters line, Polar Lights reissued their own version of the Monster Customizing Kits.

What are we leading up to?  why, my fifty-plus-year-old leftovers!

This is what’s left.  The tombstones have some very suspicious “weathering” to try and bring out the lettering:


The Frankenstein head isn’t part of a customizing kit.  No, it’s the survivor of a spin-off series that combined racing and monsters.
Many of the monster-figure parts of those monster-racer kits were the same as the actual “monster” kits, as you can tell by this Frankenstein head.

See you right back here on Monday, my fellow A-SCARE-icans!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

You're the Topps

It's another installment of the Topps Monster Cards once bought as a bunch from a now-closed comics shop.

Above is one of the cards with a gal's face pasted over the original Evelyn Ankers image.

Above is the original.

This card's joke is a lot like those "Mommy, Mommy" / "Daddy, Daddy" jokes we pre-teens were so fond of.  Example:

KID:  Daddy, Daddy, I don't like running around in circles!
DADDY:  Shut up or I'll nail your other foot to the floor.

See you back here on Friday!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Fran Krause’s Creepy Worlds, Number 1

Cartoonist and weird thinker Fran Krause has come up with some deliciously odd and bizarre thoughts.  I felt as if his growing-up was exposed to the same warping influences as mine!

These three panels are from his 2015 Deep Dark Fears collection.  Read it!  Buy it!

See you on Wednesday.

Friday, October 12, 2018

More Munstrous Fun

Here're three more pages from the 1964 Munsters coloring book.

Leave it to old Herman to have a square head even with the knight's helmet off!

See you on Monday with more creepy fun!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

1970s Paper Halloween Ephemera

Here are some of the paper Halloween decorations my mom bought, probably at TG&Y.

These just went up decorating our front door on Wednesday.

See you on Friday!

Monday, October 08, 2018

Halloween in Comics Land!

Here’re some fun scary bits from comic-book land:

From the November, 1941 Captain America

From the Fall, 1945 Comic Cavalcade

The December, 1946 Flash Comics cover

Action #247, December, 1958

Later on in the 1960s

So, as you can see, Halloween abounded in comic-book land!  See you on Wednesday!

Friday, October 05, 2018

Continuing ... Topps Monster Cards

Here are more of what I call Topps's Monster Cards:
 The above image references the 1972 Alka-Seltzer commercial with the same tagline.

 You'll note that some other female face has been pasted in over that of Wolf Man actress 
Maria Ouspenskaya.

My grandkids are sick of hearing my variation on the above gag:
Q:  Why is there a fence around the cemetery?
A:  Because people are just dying to get in!

And the follow-up:
Q:  How many dead people are in there?
A:  All of them!

See you on Monday, fiends and lashes!

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Welcome Back to the Munsters Mob!

Here are more images from the 1964 Whitman The Munsters coloring book, which was colorized by three generations before I removed it from circulation.

In the story presented here, the adult Munsters have been invited to a costume party by Marilyn's new beau.  Poor Marilyn, she's sooo plain ...

And here's a cleaned-up page for you youngsters to print and color!

Ta-ta, friends!  See you back here on Friday!

Monday, October 01, 2018

BLOG-O-WEEN 2018 Begins: MA-123: The Haunted 1980s

Welcome to the most ghostliest, ghastliest, fun time of the year!

Our opening salvo is a new Halloween comp for this year, drawn solely from that wild-n-wacky decade, the 1980s.  The line-up:

01 - Riboflavin-Flavored, Non-Carbonated, Polyunsaturated Blood - 45 Grave   1980  (2:53)

02 - Halloween - Distant Drums   1982  (3:36)

03 - Monster Island - The Dickies   1985  (1:56)

04 - Bates Motel - The Hitmen   1981  (3:19)

05 - Monster Rock - Screaming Lord Sutch   1982  (2:25)

06 - Jazz Butcher Meets Count Dracula - The Jazz Butcher   1983  (2:52)

07 - The Cabinet - Das Kabinette   1983  (3:57)

08 - Lycanthropia - Harry   1988  (5:00)

09 - Shaking of the Sheets - Steeleye Span   1989  (4:10)

10 - Horror Stories - Dance on Water   1984  (3:39)

11 - Final Scene - Greg Vandike   1980  (2:43)

12 - Like a Ghost - Ignatius Jones   1981  (3:22)

13 - The Masque - The Dark   1982  (3:42)

14 - Horror Movies - The Bollock Brothers   1983  (5:09)

15 - Dead Things - The Gorehounds   1987  (2:49)

16 - Halloween - The Wigs   1985  (2:28)

17 - The Vegas Vampire - Jim Parker   1983  (2:18)

18 - Count Duckula Theme - TV Soundtrack   1988  (1:09)

19 - Stuck in a Nightmare - Tooth & Nail   1988  (3:54)

20 - See You in the Boneyard - The Flesh Eaters   1981  (3:31)

21 - Scared of the Dark - Unit 5   1981  (4:00)

22 - I Kill with Warning - Rash of Stabbings   1983  (2:38)

23 - Something in My House - Dead or Alive   1987  (3:49)

24 - Slave Beyond the Grave - Johanna Went   1981  (2:51)

See you on Wednesday for our next installment of Blog-o-Ween!
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