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Lois Lane, Kryptonian Home-Wrecker!

Continuing our page-by page tour through Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #59 August, 1965):

Can she be a home-wrecker if she wrecks the home before it is established?  Because that's what seems about to happen.

Lois, stranded in the past on Krypton (see previous posts for the birdbrained reason), now has to decide what to do next.  After giving Jor-El the means to prevent Krypton's destruction (theoretically), she intended to disappear in her Time Machine and return to Earth.  But the shifter rod went out on the darn thing, or something.

It's so obvious!  Since she can't have Superman, why not aim for his father, Jor-El?  Never mind that Jor-El's marriage to Lara is what produced Lois's idol, Superman!

She manages to become Lara's roommate and therefore decides to ruin Lara's beauty treatment before a big date the next evening.

Oops!  She turned the wrong hair green!

That evening, Lois (or Lo-Ane as she styles herself) accompanies Jor-El and Lara to a spiffy dance at a sky palace.

It's interesting that this 1965 story uses a feature of Kryptonian life first introduced (as far as I know) five years ago.  In the landmark tale "Superman's Return to Krypton," in November 1960's Superman #141, Jerry Siegel and Wayne Boring depict a similar anti-gravity night club environment.

This Lois Lane story, written by Otto Binder, aims a little lower than the high drama seen in the Superman tale.

Lois uses her anti-gravity boots to kick up her heels and do the Babootch Boogie.  (I made that up, after one of Superman's most often used exclamations, "Well -- I'll be a three-eyed Kryptonian Babootch!")

Man! talk about super-speed!  Not only does Jor-El "accidentally" throw her off the edge into space, he's quick enough to get his Jet-Car keys from the attendant, hop in, zoom around, and catch Lois in a sort of reverse Ejector Seat!

But on their way home, Jor-El decides to blame "Lo-Ane" for the mishap.  HELLO!  Who tossed whom over the edge?

Anyways, our last panel shows Lois deciding to sabotage another meet-up between Superman's (fate-intended) parents.  That way, Lois will take a walk through the park on Multi-Moon Night with Jor-El, and Lara will show up a day late!

Come back Wednesday to see what happens next!  (Hint:  At the end of the story, there will probably STILL be a Superman for Lois Lane to be the Girl Friend of!)


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