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I’m so tired of this politically correct dogma we try to live under. Let’s all celebrate diversity, but God forbid that anyone should point out that we’re all different. Doesn’t that drive you crazy?

-- James Grippando

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Superman (Doesn't) Make It Rain on Their Parade

Oh, come on, now! Even a cheerful "Good Morning!" backfires on the hapless Man of Steel.
Note the doll the child actress is carrying. Artist Curt Swan is very careful to dress the doll in a British Colonial uniform, which makes sense since this film is being lensed on location in India.
Surely the child's name, Darlene Curtis, CAN'T be a play on the name of our penciller, Darling Curtis -- or can it?
Once again the Action Ace improvises a solution to the quandary he inadvertently caused. Now, anybody could freeze a lake and melt it above the film crew (as in Superman III). As Superboy, Superman made a giant rubber hose from waste tires to channel a river to his whim. But now we're getting fancy!
A giant atomizer to spritz the water over the film scene! That's too much, baby!
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