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It has always seemed to me that the human race needs more things to wonder about, rather than less.

-- Gregory L Reece

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Three Discs a-Compin'

Three more aggregates of funtime music.

 Nineteen tinkly tracks I dubbed from (onetime) KCSC-FM in Edmond, OK, from a few instalments of a radio show that featured harpsichord arrangements.

One of my beautiful granddaughters has a name both wonderful and a little corny.  Her middle name is Sunshine; her first name is Araya.  Say those words together, and what do you have?  A pretty accurate description of her character!

 And here’s my compilation for her:.  Don’t get sunburned!

01. Beatles Remixers Group - Sunshine (2:23)
02. Jackie Mitto - Sunshine (3:07)
03. Natasha Bedingfield - Pocketful of Sunshine (3:23)
04. Paul McCartney - See Your Sunshine (3:20)
05. The Brady Bunch - It's a Sunshine Day (2:32)
06. GUB - I Love the Sunshine (3:35)
07. Frente! - Open Up Your Heart and Let the Sun Shine In (3:31)
08. Roy Ayers Ubiquity - Everybody Loves the Sunshine (3:58)
09. Spooky Garcia - Little Girl Sunshine (5:48)
10. The Elves - Wakeup Sunshine (3:48)
11. The Corrs - Summer Sunshine (2:58)
12. Gray Sky Girls - You Are My Sunshine (3:00)
13. Cream vs Gerald Wilson - Sunshine of Your Love (5:47)
14. Earth, Wind & Fire - Sunshine (4:16)
15. Paul McCartney - Sunshine Sometime (3:23)
16. Lesley Gore - Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows (1:37)
17. Osibisa - Sunshine Day (4:57)
18. Chicago - Wake Up Sunshine (2:34)
19. Stevie Wonder - You Are the Sunshine of My Life (2:58)

Va-va-voom! you’re saying to yourself.  My kind of planet of love!

01. Take Me To Your Leader - Timmie Rogers    1958  (2:06)
02. Jupiter-C - Pat and The Satellites  1959  (2:15)
03. What Was It - Eddie Reynolds    1960  (2:08)
04. Moon Flight (Astronaut Blues) - Peter Scott Peters           1961  (2:17)
05. The Epic Ride of John Glenn - Walter Brennan      1962  (2:45)
06. Mariner II - The Masonics 1964  (2:43)
07. Rocket for Girls - The Girls        1966  (2:27)
08. Going to the Moon - The Shadow Casters    1966  (3:03)
09. Swamp Gas - The Space Walkers        1966  (2:52)
10. Extra Terrestrial Visitations - Art Nouveaux 1967  (2:43)
11. Father Good's Space Flight - The  Amelia Smile       1968  (2:50)
12. Moon Walk, Parts 1 & 2 - Joe Simon     1969  (5:50)
13. Poor Planet Earth - Sonny Hall    1969  (2:00)
14. Telstar '69 - Velvet Fogg      1969  (2:46)
15. Moon Send My Baby - The Challengers        1971  (2:26)
16. UFO (live) - Vavoura Band  1981  (8:43)
17. Saturn Drive - Alan Vega   1983  (5:38)
18. Moon Rocks - Talking Heads         1983  (5:44)
19. Hello Earth - Kate Bush       1985  (6:01)
20. Riding on the Rocket - Shonen Knife  1986  (3:44)
21. You're Not an Astronaut - Pond          1997  (3:25)
22. Marching to Mars - Sammy Hagar 1997       (5:01)

I hope you make it back to Earth in time for work Monday morning!

Monday, June 08, 2015

More Baffling Mysteries Run Through a Baffler

 This paperback came out in 1978.  I figure the UFOs must be pretty incompetent if they've had us under siege for over 35 years and haven't taken us out yet!

These are treasured books from my childhood, because I came across Strangest of All at the age of eight or so and gobbled up its dramatically written vignettes of wild-n-wacky things.

Note that Strangest of All has an attention-grabbing 1960s cover style, while the present edition of Strange World was obviously designed in the Chariots of the Gods? school.

At a later age I learned that Frank Edwards was a radio commentator.  Still later I learned that caveat lector applies to most everything you read.  And ultimately I came to be thankful for things like these breathless tales of "what if?".  They are really valuable to the world when they stimulate a little wonder in somebody whose philosophical horizons are narrower that they should be.  (This statement applies to more and more of the people I meet, the older I get!)

Ol' Brad Steiger is a special case of cranker-outer of mysteries.  He's kind of like the kid on the playground who tells you that if you cut open a gold ball, the stuff in the middle will eat its way through to the center of the earth.  No, he hasn't seen it, he heard it was true from one of the older kids.

And did you hear that if you go all the way around on a swingset, swinging over the top, that you'll turn inside out?  I heard somebody say it so it must be true!


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