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Coming in October

Monday, September 15, 2014

Take a Super Look

Here we have an example of the pervasion of the "Super"trope into society.

A couple of weeks ago I got my eyes (not MY HEAD) examined by my friend Sam the Optometrist, and he came up with these stickers, similar to the "I was a good patient" or "I voted" stickers given out to other participators of socially bonding activities.

Of course, some elements of my readership will agree that I need strict "supervision."

See you Thursday!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

MA-21 - Music from an Inner Planet

 Here's another compilation of music regarding outer space, the Space Race, and the idea of Visitors from the Great Beyond.

The cover is an adaptation of Howard Menger's Authentic Music from Another Planet, released in 1957.  This contactee of typically friendly Space Brothers lived from 1922 until 2009.  Beginning in the mid 1950s he began to proclaim his experiences with space folk.  He wrote several books of calm nonsense and seemed a down-to-Earth guy in interviews .... until he began talking about his trips in the space ships, and how he left his first wife for a gal from Out There who had decided to come to Earth and marry him.

Here is our assemblage, including a brief welcome by our sponsor, from his album:

1 -   Introduction      Howard Menger     
2 -       Space Girl      Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger     1952
3 -  UFO (The Answer to the Flying Saucer)    Syd Lawrence      1956
4 -  Martian Love Call (A Hand Jive)      Jack Owens   1958
5 - Space Girl The Earth Boys 1958
6 - Flying Saucer Hans Conried-Alice Pearce 1959
7 - Take Me to Your Ladder (I'll See Your Leader Later) Buddy Clinton 1960
8 - Robot Man Jamie Horton 1960
9 - My Little Martian Floyd Robinson 1961
10 - Telstar Bobby Rydell 1962
11 - Magic Star   Kenny Hollywood 1962
12 - ( Help Me ) Telstar    The Gee Sisters 1962
13 - Eight Foot Two, Solid Blue Allan Sherman 1963
14 - Magic Star Margie Singleton 1963
15 - We're Going UFOing Jimmy Durante 1964
16 - The Invaders TV Theme 1967
17 - UFO TV Theme 1970
18 - Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space TV Theme 1972
19 - A Spaceman Came Travelling Chris de Burgh 1976
20 - Arriving UFO Yes 1978
21 - Flying Saucers Nina Hagen 1984
22 - Teenagers from Outer Space The Meteors 1986
23 - Amazons from Outer Space Batmobile 1989
24 - Wishing on Telstar Susanna Hoffs 1991
25 - Spaceman Babylon Zoo 1995
26 - Rednecks from Outer Space FAQ 2004
27 - Your Neighborhood Spaceman Mike Patton & Jel & Odd Nosdam 2006
28 - She Came from Outer Space Bang! Bang! 2007

Other features of this compilation are a few TV themes, and various versions of a song usually known as an instrumental under the name "Telstar."  I've selected some of the best vocal performances of "Magic Star."  The lyrics are akin to the old "I see the Moon, the Moon sees me" tune, especially that song's chorus, "Please let the light that shines on me shine on the one I love."  Only in this more modern case, it's Sputnik's metaphorical eye watching over the loved one.

Let's Go UFOing!


Monday, September 08, 2014

Memory Lane: STARLOG #10's Coverage of Bakshi's Sad Thing

From STARLOG #10, December 1977, we have some advance coverage of Ralph Bakshi's (false) messianic task of making a cartoon out of Tolkien's epic The Lord of the Rings books.

Only a survivor of this film can appreciate its creepiness.  It opened in November 1978, and Joyce and I attended opening weekend at OKC's Westwood Theatre.

Here is a recent photo of the building at NW 23rd & MacArthur, now used as a church.

They were hawking character buttons in the theatre lobby.  They were three inches across.  This is the only one I was willing to shell out for.

What an odd movie!  You shake your head and ask yourself, "Did this get approved to come out the way it did?"  And if so, how?  And if it wasn't intended to be such a mishmash of animation styles and poor storytelling, how did somebody let it GET this way?

Talk amongst yourselves ....

Thursday, September 04, 2014

MA-20 - The Fallout Follies

Here's another entry in my continuing quest to find fun pop songs from every genre about atomic topics.

1 -   Talking Atom      Pete Seeger         1947
2 - The Fall of the Planet Earth     The Moonbillies         1960
3 -  Talkin' World War III Blues       Bob Dylan          1963
4 -  Mushroom Clouds     Love   1966
5 -  Handsome Johnny     Richie Havens      1967
6 -  Thank Christ For The Bomb (edit)     Groundhog 1970
7 - King Of The World Steely Dan 1973
8 - Atom Satillite Del Byzanteens 1979
9 - Face The Fire Dan Fogelberg 1979
10 - Uh-Oh Plutonium Anne Waldman 1982
11 - Two Suns In The Sunset Pink Floyd   1983
12 - I Hate You (from STAR TREK IV)   Edge of Ettiquette 1986
13 - After the War Gary Moore 1989
14 - The Bomb Song Corey Dwyer 1990
15 - Enola Gay Utah Phillips 1991
16 - Hot Frogs on the Loose Frank Small 1993
17 - Duct Tape John McCutcheon 2004
18 - Feed the Bomb Project Bluebird 2009
19 - Whistling in the Nuclear Wind Karl W Mahlmann 2011

Some songs are pretty awful (Track 2), some are pop treasures (Track 10), some are sarcastic (Tracks 12 or 17).  All are fun! 

 MA-20 - The Fallout Follies

See you Monday!

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