Monday, March 30, 2020

They Look Great in Profile!

Both G. Ailard S. Artain and partner in crime Gary Busey were profiled in the September 21, 1997 Tulsa World.  May you have such illustrious claims to fame!

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Jetzeppa Landingear in Color!

This is a patched-together scan of a 16-by-24-inch poster printed on heavy cardboard.  I couldn't tell you how I came across it.  Probably I implored the staff at Ray's Thrift-T-Wise to give it to me after their 7-Up display was done.

Tulsa TV Memories says that this is a "Tulsa State Fair Mazeppa Poster."  Of course, that one is autographed ...

See you on Monday for the last post of this year's MARCH MAZEPPA MADNESS!

After that, of course, comes APRIL FOOLISHNESS on the Super Blog!

Monday, March 23, 2020

Jetzeppa Landingear Returns!

Yes, it's another silly persona adopted by G.Ailard S. Artain.  Wouldn't you love to be a Royal Undergrounder?

If anybody out there answered the call, I'd love to hear from them!

And, yes, for some reason Mazeppa loved to mispronounce the name of our fair Bartlesville as "Bart-lets-ville."  Whether he was referring to Bartlett Pears or something else ... who knows?

See you on Thursday for my full-color scan of the tiny green image above!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Scope Them Turkeys Out!

The Discogs listing for this silly 1970 release.

You can hear this puppy thanks to good ol' Stevo In Yr Stereo, a mutual survivor of the 1970s.

Listen for name-checks of other characters on the Uncanny Film Festival.  There might be a test!  (in another lifetime)

PS you may buy all four DVDs of The Lost Tapes of Mazeppa here!

See you on Monday, you turkeys!

Monday, March 16, 2020

Behind the Laughter is a Guy Who Needs a Shave!

This clipping is from the September 10, 1982 Tulsa World.

On Thursday, Mazeppa unleashes himself on the musical world!  (Sort of.)  See you then!

Thursday, March 12, 2020

It Was All a Kerfuffle Over Nothing -- Honest!

Well, no assault.  But who could blame him for being a little soused ...

Now, I think you should wait until the show is over to demand payment.  But my name has never been used to promote a show!

See you back here on Monday for a look behind the laughter.

Monday, March 09, 2020

A Scuffle! Lawzee!

Come on back Thursday to learn the exciting dénouement of this hassle!

Thursday, March 05, 2020

Here's the Original!

Yes, this clipping from the August 14, 1970 Tulsa World provided the "cover art" for MAR4CH MAZEPPA MADNESS.

Knowing Gailard Sartain's artistic bent, he may have created it himself.

I sure would love to hear from anybody who attended this, or any, event at which Mazeppa hisself made a personal appearance!

See you on Monday with another scraping from the Mazeppa scrapbook!

Monday, March 02, 2020

Welcome to MARCH MAZEPPA MADNESS -- 2020 Edition!

You may ask, whence the past and future plethora of Mazeppa-bilia?  Why, I've been clipping these treasures for decades now (with the help of the wondrous Mary Lou).

And keepin' them in this top-secret folder.

Come back on Thursday for the first taste of this year's vacuous vintage!  (And don't forget that you may check out last year's crummy crop by simply searching for topic "March Mazeppa Madness"!

See you on Thursday!

Monday, February 03, 2020

MA-139 - Forbidden Desires

Yes, it's another bizarre salute to Valentine's Day, full of songs in which the course of true love ne'er do run true … mainly because the love object is not exactly appropriate, even in today's wonderfully welcoming age.

01 - Strange Love - Bad Actors - 1980  (4:32)
02 - I Love You (Miss Robot) - The Buggles - 1980  (4:52)
03 - Love or Lust? - Dirty Girls - 1981  (1:32)
04 - Imaginary Doll - Jullan - 1984  (3:26)
05 - Automatic Lover - Dee D Jackson - 1977  (4:13)
06 - Nazi Love - Billy Wizard and the K-Mart Studio Orchestra - 1977  (4:18)
07 - Plastic Princess - The Wives - 1980  (3:01)
08 - Miss Clarke and the Computer - Roy Wood - 1973  (4:21)
09 - Voodoo Doll - Amelia - 1962  (2:02)
10 - I Really Want to Bomb You - Jill Kroesen - 1980  (5:37)
11 - Mechanical Friend - The Steves - 1980  (2:14)
12 - She's a Magazine - New Musik - 1980  (4:17)
13 - Little Girls - Oingo Boingo - 1981  (3:36)
14 - Mannequin - Max Strom - 1982  (3:03)
15 - Computer Love - Zapp & Roger - 1985  (4:44)
16 - Anna with Antennae - 4 Out of 5 Doctors - 1982  (3:39)
17 - Thing - The Jazz Butcher - 1987  (1:02)
18 - Light Years from Love - Martha Ladly - 1983  (3:41)
19 - Jennifer the Conifer - The Shapes - 1982  (2:46)
20 - Teenage Head in My Refrigerator - The Deep Freeze Mice - 1981  (3:38)
21 - Oral Sex with a Caterpillar - Jerry Jamrag and the Afterbirths - 1977  (1:22)
22 - Reel to Reel - Rock Fiction - 1984  (4:05)
23 - Teenage Mutant Love - High Wire Radio Choir - 1979   (2:26)

Give 'er a listen and decide for yourself!

We're taking the rest of February off.  See you right back here on Monday, March 2nd, for this year's installments of MARCH MAZEPPA MADNESS!

Monday, January 27, 2020

I'm a Marxist, Number 1

One of the happy occasions of my high-school years was my student-aide role, as a Senior at Sooner High School in Bartlesville, OK, for the wondrous teacher Della Craighead.

She knew I was a ne'er-do-well who needed something to occupy his time, so she came up with some busywork which was perfect for me.

It seemed that somebody had donated several hundred LIFE magazines from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s.  Mrs C assigned me to go through them and simply cut out the articles I thought were "important" in some way, and set them aside for her.

Crazy, huh?  Yeah.  Crazy because FIRST I was mutilating historical documents.  SECOND, I really had no specific guidance except for the above vague guidance.

You know how something can seem casual but pack a wallop of deeper meaning?  That is true with this "job" for Mrs C.  Thanks to her, I now have a very deep appreciation for the LIFE-magazine world and nation of that era.  I am so very thankful for this exposure to Populuxe America.

Plus, I nabbed a few items for myself!
 The above Personna razor-blade ad is from the October 4, 1946 issue of LIFE.  Note that it ties in to the then-current film A Night in Casablanca.
By the February 15, 1953 issue of LIFE, Groucho was burning up the TV waves with You Bet Your Life.  Surely everybody knows about "ghosts" in TV reception?  They were usually caused by an antenna that wasn't sufficiently aimed towards the broadcasting tower.  In this case, GE is using the term to push their "aluminized" picture tube.

You know what THAT is, don't you, campers?

Come back next Monday, February 3, for a new Valentine's day music compilation.  Until then, the Secret Word is COMPASSION.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Remembering Wiener King

In 1977, a guy named Don Schooler opened a franchise of the fast-food Wiener King, in Bartlesville.  I was one of the first crewmembers.  I found out about the job because Don's parents shared a back fence with us.
Their tagline was "King of Hot dogs, USA."

They had paper crowns for the kids, just like the crowns at Burger King.  Here, print your own!
My work name tag.
The building is still there, now being used as Jaron Leach's Shelter Insurance office.
I found this photo of a Wiener King in Mansfield, OH, which is a good match to what the place looked like when it opened.

For me, the most disgusting thing on the menu was a dog with cole slaw, onions, pickle relish, and CHILI also!  Yuck!  But I remember seeing Mr Schooler eat one.

And that's the summer job I had the year before we got married.

See you on Monday!

Monday, January 20, 2020

Kaleidocope Video in OKC

I'm not the only one who fondly remembers Kaleidoscope Video Stores.

The Lost Ogle from 2019.

A 2001 newspaper mention.

Don Pierce, who founded the OKC chain, only died a month or so ago.  I wish I had known, I would have gone to the funeral.

The Kaleidoscope in south OKC was originally at SW 44th and Penn, and then moved to SW 59th & Agnew.  It had two locations in the strip mall before succumbing to the internet era.  If I recall correctly, the south store's manager was Mike Reed.

One of the things I loved about the south store was its selection of offerings from Something Weird Video.
And here's my own customer card (with personal info whited out, of course!).

Ah, what sunny memories!

See you back on Thursday for who-knows-what?!? 

Thursday, January 16, 2020

What a Clever Pun, Saturday Evening Post!

Here's one reaction to the "underground cult" status of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings book.

This survey appeared in the Saturday Evening Post for July 2, 1966.

See you on Monday!

Monday, January 13, 2020

Superboy TV, Part 1

Thanks to the wonderful friend Mark Barragar, I've got the promo packet for Season Two (1989-1990) of Viacom's syndicated TV series Superboy.  In time to come I'll share its contents.

This big folder is like 12x20 inches, and contains several discrete folders.

Folder 1 ensueth:

And that's just a taste.  Now that you're hooked, you'll keep comin' back for more!  But who knows when more of this little trove will appear?  Don't miss a single installment of the Super Blog!

See you Thursday …

Thursday, January 09, 2020

1968 Reviews of the White Album

 Time mag had the above to say about The Beatles, aka "the White Album," on December 6, 1968.  It's "a sprawling, motley assemblage," among other things.
"Caveat emptor," Newsweek said on December 9, 1968.  Shouldn't they have said, "caveat lector" -- "let the listener beware"?  It's all a blank … or is it bubblegum?

Time has proven both of the reviews a little petulant.  yes, the White Album is overblown.  It's underproduced and overproduced, by turn.  But it's still a wonderful capture of not only the fractured times of 1968, but the fractured creative and personal lives of the Beatles, who belonged to themselves and not to our expectations.

Goodnight, everybody, everywhere.

Monday, January 06, 2020

Foreman Scotty Gets Scratchy

           Steve Powell created the character of Foreman Scotty for Channel 4, then WKY-TV, 1957-1971.  His show was called The Circle 4 Ranch.
            Here he is with similar OKC legends Ho-Ho the Clown and Miss Fran.

Official Foreman Scotty Facebook page:

            Though all of this was before my time in OKC—that commenced in Fall of 1974—I still somehow absorbed the name osmotically.  So in later years when I came across a teeny little scratch pad, I nabbed it.
            The real thing is about three inches square.

            See you on Thursday!

Monday, December 30, 2019

Watchpanels, Part the Sixth

One compulsive reader’s observations ...
after gazing into Watchmen for the umpteenth time


All right, I’ve got photons in my teeth and my wrist brace on ...

      6:2 – The chapter title is in quotation marks in the comic, and extends just a smidgen pas the panel borders . . .

      . . . while in the reprints the chapter title is just as wide, without quotation marks.

      At least in 1951, JDs were smoking regular cigarettes, not ball-pipes.  Probably because regular cigs were simpler and cheaper.

      What the heck is that hanging-balls mobile dangling at top of the panels?  It’s also seen in 13:6.

      It doesn’t make sense that Kitty Genovese, a bar manager with some clerical skills, had the money for a special-order dress.

From the chalk outline and the images of neighbors and balconies, it looks like this world’s Kitty Genovese died outside – Kovacs says, “outside her own apartment building.”  On our Earth, the attack commenced outside, but the actual rape-murder took place inside her building, in the rear hallway.

      It’s a necessary story point, but to me it has always seemed unbelievable that, in Sing-Sing prison, home to murderers and all types of lowlife, prisoners are within reach of “hot cooking fat.”

      In the comic, the epigraph bar has quotation marks around Nietzsche’s words – the quotation marks don’t appear in bound editions.

      In Kovacs’s “My Parents” story, he applauds the A-bomb’s use using the same rationale that Ozzy uses: “saved millions of lives” and “more people would of been killed.”  Perhaps the difference to Rorschach, morally, is that Truman’s use of the A-bomb was part of a long, declared conflict, with strongly defined sides.  On the other hand (or tentacle), the Space Squid was deployed at the whim of one man, unelected, who used it as part of a maniacal scheme to make money and secure his own power.

      I noticed that “My Dream” is dated 5/27/63, but it must be a typo – Kovacs was in the Charlton Home in 1953 – in 1963 he was 23 years old.  The drawing is labeled “13 years old.”  Since this has never been changed in bound editions, I suppose that either I’m the first person to notice (ha!) or this was an intentional “typo” intended by the writer.

      Thanks for obsessing with me.  Six chapters remain.


Monday, December 23, 2019

Walter's Book Is Coming!

Beaming Up and Getting Off:
Life Before and Beyond Star Trek
It's coming!  We're looking for a May release date for the expanded memoirs of Walter Koenig, star of stage and screenplay, director and producer … and famous as the mean ol' Bester on Babylon 5 and the valiant semi-young Chekov in Star Trek.

Here are a couple of screengrabs from the book.
Walter's book Warped Factors came out in 1997.  Here is the entire text of that book, updated and revised, along with ninety-some new pages from Walter's (by turns wry and heartfelt) pen.  He discusses cons, stage work with Mark Lenard, many short films or episodes he's written, produced, or appeared in, and all with a most wonderful point of view.
I sure would like to see The Actor!

Walter writes with a super-engaging voice.  He's seen so much wacky behavior, and produced some himself, mixed with things that cause disappointment, anger, or simply jaw-dropping incomprehension.  The great news is that his adventures have driven him to compassion for us nudnicks -- not despair over the human race (like Ambrose Bierce for example).

Yes, mixed in with Walter's Hollywood adventures are oh-so-human frights and heart-stopping achievements.  And it's so fun to read about them because Walter's style is so compassionate yet sarcastic.

Yes, you'll also read about his comic-book work, and the fan films, and … buy the book and find out!
The book goes to press after the turning of the New Year.  If you like insider showbiz memories, or pop culture, or just plain human beings, you will love reading this book.  Judging only by my five minutes or so of phone chats with him, this is a guy whose time on the Earth has molded a fun person.

BTW, I was thrilled to both edit and design this book.

The Jacobs/Brown webpage for the book is here ...

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