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Friday, October 21, 2016

Topps Monster Cards, Part 3

This mummy guy is NOT Karloff or Chaney, so I assume it's ye olde Stunte Manne.

  The card above is numbered 26, as is the card below.

 The "girdle" line is an often-references trope from the 1960s or 1970s, but I can's seem to track down its actual origin.  It's from a TV campaign.
 The guy's face, above, is another of those paste-ins.

See you on Monday!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wednesday with the Munsters ... (Not the Cheese)

Here's our weekly stipend of coloring pages.

 *sigh* The kid has to stay home with a babysitter, while the grown-ups get all the fun!
 At least Eddie knows his mom will, be blue without him!

John Alden looks more like a Jack-in-the-Green.

And our coloring page for this week:
Marilyn laments the ineptitude of their housekeeper.

See you on Friday with more Topps Monster Cards!

Monday, October 17, 2016

A Scary, Silly Music Compilation: MA-16 - Ghos-Terrific Sounds

Here's what we've got:

1    Mr After Halloween Costume Shop Salesman     Al Lowe      1:00
2    "The Return of Dracula": The End   Gerald Fried      4:08
3    Teenage Frankenstein     Alice Cooper  3:27
4 Trick or Treat Andrew Gold 3:23
5 Everybody Loves You When You're Dead Stranglers 2:39
6 Creature from the Black Leather Lagoon    The Cramps 3:12
7 Count Dracula All About Halloween 1:09
8 Halloween in Heaven Type O Negative 4:50
9 The Nightmare Before Christmas Pharaoh Atem 1:37
10 Godzilla (Album Version) Blue Oyster Cult 3:42
11 Halloween Parade David Berkeley    3:16
12 Gigantor Helmet   4:12
13 Surfin' Halloween Big Chopper 1:27
14 Count Dracula Robbie the Werewolf 5:09
15 Halloween Monster Mania stAllio!   7:55
16 Planet of the Apes Frankenstein Drag Queens   3:00
17 The Legend of Wooley Swamp Charlie Daniels   3:56
18 Spooks of Halloween Town   Yoko Shimomura   1:20
19 Hand of Blood Bullet for My Valentine 3:37
20 Casper, the Friendly Ghost      Peter Pan Singers 0:53
21 Scary Song Frankenstein Drag Queens    2:37
22 Zombie Stomp      H. Zombie featuring Toño Pneumo 4:14
23 Halloween Party     Sue Schnitzer 3:54
24 Frankenstein Rock Eddie Thomas 1:50
25 I Want a Monster     Prairie Dawn 2:12

I hope you have a spooky, ooky, time!  By the way, below is the original source of the CD cover art, from 1955:

MA-16 - Ghos-Terrific Sounds

See you again soon!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Topps Monster Cards, Part Two

Here are more of the Topps Monster cards from the 1970s.

 You will note two things about the card above and below.  They're both numbered #11.

Also, somebody jiggered around with the photos!  You can tell that the same guy's face has been airbrushed in on the right-hand side of the Jeckyll-and-Hyde card, and the Son of Frankenstein image just below.  A second mystery man has been superimposed over the middle guy.

 Below, a third man's face has been supered over Dr Mannering in this shot from Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man.

Even the scene below from Frankenstein has been tweaked.
 Here's the original photo, clearly showing Mae Clarke's face:
I don't know whose face was pasted in.

Thanks for joining me in this week's episode of, "They Messed with My Childhood."

See you Monday!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

More Munsterous Fun

Marilyn's new fella has invited them all to a costume party.

And here's this week's coloring page:
See you Friday with more Topps monster cards from the 1970s.

Monday, October 10, 2016

From 1973, a Story Draft About a Sad Relationship

In the style of William Castle meets Shirley Jackson, two young people meet with destructive results.

See you Wednesday with some art and colors.

Friday, October 07, 2016

Monster Cards, Part 1

I was blessed to have grown up in the middle of the 1960s monster craze.  "Baseball cards" had been around for years -- to an eight-year-old, the term encompassed any sports card -- so the manufacturers branched out to take advantage of another craze -- MONSTERS.

I came across these across the years; evidently they are from Leaf.  One listing website is HERE.

These posts are just for fun!


Note that the "picture frame" art around the joke on the back side is by the great JACK DAVIS.

See you Monday, my friends!

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Continuing the Saga of "The Munsters" Coloring Book

From Whitman Publishing in 1965, here are more pages from this big fat coloring book, as processed through the hands of three generations and counting.
 As was a common trope on the TV show, normal-looking Marilyn has met a nice young man who becomes an admirer.
 So of course, he wants to meet her family -- little knowing how odd Marilyn's kin are.

That's all the original images for this visit ... below is one all cleaned up so that you can print your own coloring page for the kiddies ...

See you Friday!

Monday, October 03, 2016

MA-84 - Grin and Scare It!

We'll start this year's celebration of Hallowe'en with this year's music compilation.

Another collection of the macbre, the silly, the juvenile, and the chilly . . .

01. Halloween - Larry’s Rebels (2:18)
02. Haunted House - Leon Redbone (4:59)
03. Snoteleks - Inflatable Boy Clams (2:58)
04. Black Widow - The Tarantulas (2:08)
05. Where Do You Keep Your Brain - Plasma Zombies (2:58)
06. Witches, Witches, Witches - Andrew Gold (3:05)
07. King Kong (1966) - TV Theme (1:00)
08. Anything Can Happen on Halloween - Tim Curry (2:54)
09. The Ghost of Piccolo Pete - Ted Weems & His Orchestra (3:14)
10. Munster Creep - The Munsters (2:44)
11. The Prowler - The Idols (2:16)
12. Bewitched - Peggy Lee (2:04)
13. Doctor Who (Unused) - Eric Winstone and His Orchestra (3:11)
14. Punky Punkin - Fran Allison (2:27)
15. Voodoo Mash (Parts 1 & 2) - Shalimar & His Friends (4:42)
16. Frankenstein - Pierced Arrows (2:16)
17. Transylvania - The Mysterions (2:31)
18. Drac's Back - Red Lipstique (4:39)
19. Black Car X - J Frank Wilson (2:10)
20. King Kong - The Electric Ladies (2:43)
21. Halloween Night - Thru Black Holes Band (2:52)
22. My Mommy Was A Teenage Mummy - The Monstereos (2:14)
23. Beware - Bill Buchanan (2:37)
24. The Creeper - Jerry Wald (2:23)
25. Nightmares - John Sowell (1:57)
26. Scary Movies - Monica Kirby (2:17)
27. I Kept Her Heart - Pine Box Boys (2:22)
28. The Witch - The Sonics (2:36)
29. You Make Me Feel Like a Monster - John Harrison (2:20)

MA-84 - Grin and Scare It!

See you Wednesday around the neighborhood!

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