Friday, March 22, 2019

Mazeppa's Catalog of Delights

When I bought the first of the Lost Tapes of Mazeppa on VHS in 1994, they also included this boffo, socko catalog.

You can do online ordering of the Mazeppa videos here.

See you back here on Monday, campers!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Halloween, 1970: Mazeppa Haunts the Airwaves!

In 1970, Halloween providentially fell on Saturday.  That made marketing meat for Channel 6 in Tulsa.
 Instead of beginning "whenever" the 10:30PM movie ended, ol' Mazeppa had the whole evening to hisself!
As you can see by my markings in the TV Guide, there were PLENTY of scariffic movies to choose from that Saturday night.

And yes, you little turkeys, that is a weird Mazeppa Pumpkinzoidi art in each corner of the half-page Mazeppa ad.  Cleaned up a little for you here:

See you back here on Friday, turkeys and turkettes!

Monday, March 18, 2019

Time Munches On!

Even though there wasn't really anyplace in Bartlesville to use it, I of course made sure to get an Uncola Underground Card, as endorsed by ol' Mazeppa.
It's slightly the worse for wear, although now protected by being wrapped in clear mailing tape.

In other news, I wore my Mazeppa outfit to SoonerCon 9, in November, 1993.

Another attendee was the late, great Mark Barragar.  His big ol' self was decked out as Frankenstein's Monster.

Of course, the fates dictated we be photographed together.  He didn't squeeze my neck too hard … gulp!

Tune back in on Wednesday for our next installment!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Mazeppa Cures Acne!

            Back in Ye Olden Days before VCRs, I was one of zillions of youngsters who did the next best thing to videorecording.  We held the mic of our cassette recorders to the TV and recorded the audio.

            I did this for Mazeppa’s show, a lot.  Too bad I no longer have any of those tapes!  However, I did replay them over and over.

            One of Mazeppa’s typical tricks was commercials for fake products, in the tradition of Bob & Ray’s fake sponsors.

            For one such spoof, the twisted mind of G. Ailard S. Artain conceived a product which years later would take the world by storm ...

He took the concept of the facial mask one step farther and made a “fake” commercial for a new product.

That product was Duct Tape.

Nowadays, this idea is common!

I can remember, verbatim, a few of the lines.  The camera showed Sartain holding tape to his face, which was then viciously yanked away.  Jim Millaway, Sherman Oaks, crowed, “Your friends will think you’ve hit the wah-wah pedal with our new product.”  Meanwhile, Sartain rolled on the floor holding his face, crying, “wah-wah” like a baby.

You know, these products are alive and well today in such products as Bioré blackhead strips.  So, if you dare, use one of these products.  But don’t forget Mazeppa’s slogan for this product:

Just wrap those pimples in tape ... and tear your troubles away!

See you on Monday for more March Mazeppa Madness!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

We're All Proud of Gailard Sartain

From the December 14, 1997 Tulsa World:

No, in no way does Sartain look like a leering dirty old man in the photo.  Uh-uh, nope.  What you can't see in the photo is that, unbeknownst to the photographer, Dixon just pinched our hero's butt.

See you on Friday for a premium reminiscence!

Monday, March 11, 2019

Beginning the Tawdry Tale of Markzeppa

And so it was. in my fourteenth year, I prevailed upon Seamstress Supreme Mary Lou to create a Mazeppa outfit.

She took a sheet and dyed it royal blue.  She sewed brocade in the places I indicated.  She added some snaps to hold the front seam closed.  I, even your humble correspondent hisself, made a cone from posterboard bought from TG&Y.  I rolled that cone and taped it into shape.  Then the Ruler of All Sewing made a sheath from leftover bits of that selfsame dyed sheet, to form the wizard's hat.

Behold the finished product with tears of joy!

You can tell that in the first, indoors picture, my glasses were off and I bore a fake 'stache.  But the outdoor photo give you the beauty of it hot, as Eliot says in The Waste Land.

In coming weeks you will see how well that this stupendous bit of tailory has stood the passage of the years.

Come back Wednesday for more March Mazeppa Madness.  Until then . . . LAWZEE!

Friday, March 08, 2019

Crazy Ed Greer Was a Mazeppa Sponsor

At least, that's what he was sometimes called on the Uncanny Film Festival.

And when Mazeppa released a record, one of the places which sold it was "Greer Stereo Tape Centers."

 The above insert (front-and-back) was stuck into six-pack carriers of 7-Up in the Tulsa viewing area, including Bartlesville.
I even saved enough bottle liners to fill this one up, but I never got to a Greer's store to cash in on this great deal.  (You can tell by the stains/spots that there are two copies of the insert.)

PS:  The above YouTube link is from the gallant fellow Stevo, of Stevo in Your Stereo and other fine purviews of refinement.

See you on Monday for more March Mazeppa Madness!

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Mazeppa Pushes the Entertainment Passport

Sometime in the year 1970 ...

You could save a buck on what was already a $125 value!
 These inserts were stuck into the cardboard six-bottle carriers of 7-Up.
Of course, all these attractions were in Tulsa.  That's why I saved the thing instead of sending it in.  After all, how would a 14-year-old make it to all these happening places in T-Town?

Not to mention coming up with the price of Ticket Number One, so as to receive the second one free.

I guess that makes me a dumb little turkey.  Probably not the only one, by this criterion!

See you on Friday for our next installment.  Or, as Mazeppa said once,


Monday, March 04, 2019


Anybody who's anybody that grew up in the mid-1970s with access to Tulsa TV stations knows who Mazeppa Pompazoidi is!

If you don't know, then get educated at his webpage, or at Tulsa TV Memories.

Throughout the merry month of March, you're gonna be stuck with MY Mazeppa memories, so there!

In 1970, I attended Madison Junior High and worked in the library.  (A moment of silence in honor of the patience of Mrs Rush, the librarian.)  When Halloween time was near, I teamed up with my buddy Mark Brim to decorate the library bulletin board for the season, with a certain tilt...

I'm the gallant clown on the left.  Yes, Mark and I had nearly identical corduroy coats.

I must inform a crestfallen art world that although I was the auteur of the Mazeppa portrait and the wheel-of-colors thing below it, both timeless works of felt-tip frissonage are lost to the mists of history.

Stay tuned each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of this month for more MARCH MAZEPPA MADNESS!

Friday, March 01, 2019

Beginning Monday, March 4: March Mazeppa Madness!

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in March, we'll unlock my scrummy scrapbook of magical Mazeppa messitude!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

IT'S HERE! The Next Volume in "These Are the Voyages"

And you can buy this jewel RIGHT NOW from the publisher and get it with Marc Cushman's own sneaky-but-charming autograph.

This is another many-hundreds-of-pages book, jam-packed with all you may need to know -- more than you thought COULD be known -- about the arc of STAR TREK creator Gene Roddenberry's life and work from 1970 to 1975.

Roddenberry worked on movies, TV series which never came to pass, several TV movies, and … the TV return of Star Trek.

That's right, campers, this volume covers all episodes of ST:TAS from story pitch through broadcast, just as TOS was documented in the first three volumes of this series..

Marc is not only kind enough to let me wrangle his words, he joked about it in the copy he signed for me:
He says, "Thank you for letting me take the credit (or blame) for it."

You see, in January Marc appeared on a radio talk show.  I called in to harass him, and waited on hold for awhile.  In the meantime, a caller came on.  This guy harangued Marc concerning the dates on which a certain Star Trek episode was filmed.  He said he had gone to the archives and that Marc got some of the shooting dates wrong.

As politely as possible, Marc said he would love to be contacted by the caller with any documentation or proof that the book was wrong.  Nobody's perfect, after all.

My turn on the radio came next, and I quickly pointed out that all the GOOD STUFF in the book is Marc's responsibility.  Any mistakes should be blamed solely on the editor -- me!

Both Marc and the radio host got a chuckle out of that, then I briefly narrated the stupendous amount of detail in the book.  Nobody could do better, I avow.

That's what Marc's personal inscription refers to.

Now you may discover the exciting truth for yourself, Star Guys and Space Gals!

And stay tuned for the next volume in the series, which is presently only a gleam in Mr Cushman's eye (or nightmares, ha-ha).

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

It's Here! MARY by Herbie J Pilato

Yes, Mary, by Herbie J Pilato, is available on Amazon and at Jacobs/Brown Press.  If you buy it from J/B, you'll receive an autographed copy.  So, order now and make Herbie J have to use an Ace bandage to prevent writer's cramp!

It's the tale of a complex woman whose life was neither the sunshine of Laura Petrie nor the angst of First You Cry.  Her roles affected worldwide pop culture in many ways.  She used her celebrity to aid several causes, such as animal rights and juvenile diabetes.

We remember her best as the earnest American modern woman, determined to do her best and take her own place in the world.

Herbie J's Book examines her life and work from end to end, with zillions of quotations and references from newspapers and books.  He also includes material from new interviews with folks who knew and worked with Mary.

Buy this book!  It's much more involving, thrilling, and moving than my bare-bones summary.

PS I was the editor for this book, and it was enlightening and fun to learn so much more about Mary than I had known from her public image.  I came to feel compassion for her struggles and pride in her accomplishments.

See you later, friends!  Now … BUY THE BOOK.

Monday, February 04, 2019

Get Ready for Valentine's with MA-116 - Strange Love Tales

Yes, it's a conglomeration of songs in which the course of true love don't quite run true-to-societal norms …

Some people may say it's wrong, but other people are all for such things.  Or at least all for songs about such things.

01 - I'm in Love with My Car - Queen   1975  (3:10)

02 - TV Love - Simpletones   1981  (1:37)

03 - You Wanna Be Your Lover - Bilbo   1978  (2:40)

04 - The Girl and the Robot - Röyksopp   2009  (4:05)

05 - Paper Doll - The Mills Brothers   1958  (2:35)

06 - I Love Rock'n'Roll - Zombina and the Skeletones   2004  (1:36)

07 - Cold Ethyl - Alice Cooper   1975  (2:53)

08 - My Baby's Got a Crush on Frankenstein - Soupy Sales   1962  (1:58)

09 - Strange Love - Berlin   1982  (3:58)

10 - I Love an Ape - Alisa   1982  (1:39)

11 - Rubber Girl - The Pukka Orchestra   1984  (4:37)

12 - The Masochism Tango - Tom Lehrer   1966  (3:04)

13 - Ben - Michael Jackson   1972  (2:45)

14 - Robosexual - Sterling   1980  (2:35)

15 - Window Love - Hesitations   1982  (2:21)

16 - Animated Lover - Edge of the Wedge   1984  (3:33)

17 - My Girlfriend's Dead - Ian North   1980  (2:31)

18 - High Heel Shoes - The Moderates   1980  (3:41)

19 - I Want My Baby Back - Jimmy Cross   1965  (3:30)

20 - Marvin I Love You - Marvin the Paranoid Android   1981  (3:47)

21 - Nun - The Knobs   1984  (2:25)

22 - Octopus Woman Please Let Me Go - Dick Kent   1978  (2:34)

23 - The Pimple Popping Fetish Song (or, Let Me See Your Back) - Moobie Theatre   2009  (1:39)

24 - Magazine Girl - The Rousers   1980  (2:45)

25 - Robot Man - Connie Francis   1960  (1:51)

26 - Ape Man - Zombina and the Skeletones   2002  (2:37)

27 - Love on an Eleven Year Old Level - The GTO's   1969  (1:19)

28 - Dead Girls Don't Say No - The Inspectors   1985  (3:35)

I make no comments about the subjects of these songs, except to be thankful that my love breaks no laws.

MA-116 - Strange Love Tales

Don't forget to share the love this February!

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