Friday, November 09, 2007

I'd Rather Build Models than Get Prizes, Thank You

In #97, the Nov-Dec 1966 issue of The Adventures of Jerry Lewis, "Batman Meets Jerry!" with art by Bob Oskner.

I confess that the story is so disjointed that I gave up trying to follow it.

But check out the rear cover, more ads for great Aurora models! And only 98 cents to boot. Now, I had The Forgotten Prisoner once. I always figured that the name was made up to sound like it was a scene from some movie.

Somebody agrees with me. According to ,
"Actually there never was a movie for this character but there certainly could have been.
If you're at all familiar with the Forgotten Prisoner, imagine the possibilities of a movie.
The concept of this character was actually a combined effort between Aurora and
Famous Monsters of Filmland."

The other Jerry Lewis issue for today is #105, dated April 1968. It too is a marvel of dizziness to my very linear brain, so I gave up around the time that Lex Luthor crawled through Jerry's window in a Superman suit (or something like that).

On the back cover is a less fun ad, but one very familiar to Silver Age memories. "Make Money! Get Prizes!" Well, I'm proud to say that I never fell for it. Probably because I didn't want to cut up a comic for the coupon!

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