Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Tale of Two Pin-Ups

Here's an illustrated side-by-side look at Superman, as drawn by perhaps the two most influental Super-Artists (after Daddy Joe Shuster, of course).

The one with a brown frame around it, set in bright daylight, is by Wayne "women waver" Boring. I nicknamed him that because one of Boring's characteristic traits is to draw women with both hands flung up before them about shulder-height, as if somebody had told them "This is a stick-up."

This Boring pin-up is from the cover of Superman Annual #1.

The other one, with a dramatic "lightning striking again" backdrop, is by the great Mr. Swan. It was the centerfold of Action #340, which also introduced the Parasite to DC.
Boy, such Super-Manliness! It's enough to give Lois Lane the vapors!

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