Monday, November 05, 2007

I’m in a Model State of Mind!

(with apologies to Billy Joel)

Here are a couple of more simply fab comic-book ads for Aurora model kits.

My first guess is that Murphy Anderson drew the art for this ad for the Batman model. As you can see from the price, this kit was part of the “second wave” of models. All the original monster kits were 98 cents. Then the price jumped for them (and more recent monster kits such as King Kong and Bride of Frankenstein) to $1.49.

The new DC superhero kits like Superman, Superboy, and this Batman model were also $1.49.

But, hey! When a kid could make almost half a dollar in one afternoon by turning in abandoned pop bottles for 2 cents’ deposit each, even a rise in the cost of model-building could be coped with.

I mean, it’s not like we wanted to spend our money on *yuck* girls or anything!

I never managed to buy a Big Frankie, but he looks pretty cool from the ad. And read the tagline at the top of the ad! “Make a friend” – pretty neat, huh. But for five bucks, this was an investment that would probably have to wait until Christmas or Birthday came around – unless you could talk your big brother into buying it and building it, then letting you play with it!

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