Monday, November 12, 2007

Secrets of the Fortress of Solitude

From Superman Annual #1, here's a double-page spread covering Superman's Arctic Fortress.

You can tell it's Swanderful art.

I took the liberty of blurring the appearance of the page crease at the center of this two-page spread.

I've got a question for anybody interested. Would you prefer these scans to be "as-is" colorwise -- complete with the slight yellowing of 40 years -- or a little bit "color-corrected" -- with a little more blue to look less "old"?
For example, the next image is "color-corrected.
From a later page in the Annual, here's the accompanying text piece.
Let me know what you think!
PS I bet that, unlike the "secret hideout" in Watchmen, Superman's Fortress didn't smell like a locker room and dirty socks, just because it was a "man cave."

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