Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Think I'd Like to Live There!

As I inventory the books in the Fortress of Markitude (up to 500 and have just finished one wall's worth), I come across some treasures I have forgotten about.

One such is the American Space Digest, a nifty pamphlet distributed as a freebie by the Schick Razor Company in 1963. It's full of bios of space personalities, articles like "Television by Telstar -- It's Here!", and the great "vision of the future" shown below -- a town not unlike a certain comic-book city we all know and love.

Yes, "Cities Will See Big Changes," all right! This vision of America's Future, as visualized in 1963, shows a little bit of the cultural milieau of the times, and an optimism about the days that lie ahead, that I sorely miss. That's why Curt Swan drew Kandor the way he did, I think.

We all recognize the futuristic skyline shown here. It's what the future was supposed to look like! And it might have, if not for the 1963 coup, which ushered in four decades (so far) of power wielded by aome of the most untrustworthy of the powerful. And the resulting (justified) mistrust of the few, accompanied by the (less justified) mistrust of ALL authority.
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Stay tuned (barring another Internet Interruption like yesterday's) for another instalment of Weirdo Wednesday tomorrow, and after that *gasp!* a second Three-Part Thursday!

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