Thursday, October 11, 2007

Something Simple for Today!

Today we’ll take a look at two placemats for Junior. Imperfectly melded together, ’tis true, but that’s the best we can do with 20th-century graphics technology.

The placemat from 1977 features another Neal Adams Superman grinning a big ol’ smile. So much for dirty-gritty Adams art. Not with MY Superman you don’t.

But ... If Superman is flying towards us, then who's in that rocket headed for Earth?
And ... Is Superman smiling at us because he thinks it's funny to cover the North Pole with Hershey's Choclate Syrup? Oh my.

The one from 1992, fifteen years later, features art by – we’re guessing here – Dan Jurgens. (Please correct me if I err).

Do not worry, never fear … Three-Part Thursday will soon be here! (Next week that is.)Sayonara!

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