Friday, October 19, 2007

Also in Superman # 175 ...

In the lettercol of the comic featured in yesterday's Three-Part Thursday, there is the usual smattering of serious quesions and smart-aleck "gotchas" on both sides of the editorial line.

Also, see the letter on the right side of the page, near the top. Here we have the canonical pronunciation of Kltpzyxm -- that is, what it sounds like when a certain 5th-dimensional imp accidentally banishes himself from Earth for a few months.

The story of Ar-Val, also discussed by readers, MAY just be a topic for a future Three-Part Thursday, although our NEXT great three-part novel will be among those suggested by correspondent Allen, in a comment to the FIRST Three-Part Thursday.

Well, what do you think, readers? Can YOU take your cue from Wednesday's lettercolumn and todays, and say Mxyzptlk forwards AND backwards?

See you next week!

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