Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Weirdo Wednesday Presents...The Helmet of Hate!

Great Curt Swan art highlights this week’s Weirdo Wednesday offering. “The Helmet of Hate” features a diabolical conspiracy between Jimmy and Superman to convince a couple of members of Brainiac’s “gang” that the Man of Steel has turned to the Dark Side.

These guys ARE green, but don’t boast their boss’s Christmas-lights-on-the-noggin.

THAT honor is reserved for our cover boy, Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen. This is issue 68, cover-dated April, 1963.

Yes, Jimmy puts on the Helmet of Hate and takes up the Red Kryptonite pistol for a Planet photoshoot. They were SUPPOSED to be props, but look what’s happened now!

Superman is now evil, boasting red skin and devil horns!

Shades of Mephistopheles, as Superman bribes Perry White to endorse racketeer Tom Remson for Mayor, and then offers to make Remson and gang “kingpins of crime,” in exchange for a little thing called their souls.

All this convinces Brainiac’s buddies that the Man of Steel’s halo is sufficiently rusty. They drop their flying saucer’s force-field and offer Superman the chance to shrink Metropolis like Kandor was. After all, Superman promises “I promise not to battle you!”

Then, in one of the great absurdist panels of comics, Superman’s horns burst open to reveal members of Kandor’s Superman Emergency Squad. THEY didn’t make no stinkin’ promise, and they proceed to take the spaceship apart, carting the two baddies back to Kandor and allowing Superman and Jimmy to drop their ruse.

It was all “Plan J” – all prearranged.

And now this bonus, where in readers may find out the correct way to pronounce “Mxyzptlk” – read the letter at the top of the right-hand column.

STAY TUNED for…Three-Part Thursday, wherein you will also coincidentally learn how to pronounce Mixy’s name BACKWARDS!

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