Friday, March 08, 2019

Crazy Ed Greer Was a Mazeppa Sponsor

At least, that's what he was sometimes called on the Uncanny Film Festival.

And when Mazeppa released a record, one of the places which sold it was "Greer Stereo Tape Centers."

 The above insert (front-and-back) was stuck into six-pack carriers of 7-Up in the Tulsa viewing area, including Bartlesville.
I even saved enough bottle liners to fill this one up, but I never got to a Greer's store to cash in on this great deal.  (You can tell by the stains/spots that there are two copies of the insert.)

PS:  The above YouTube link is from the gallant fellow Stevo, of Stevo in Your Stereo and other fine purviews of refinement.

See you on Monday for more March Mazeppa Madness!

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