Monday, March 11, 2019

Beginning the Tawdry Tale of Markzeppa

And so it was. in my fourteenth year, I prevailed upon Seamstress Supreme Mary Lou to create a Mazeppa outfit.

She took a sheet and dyed it royal blue.  She sewed brocade in the places I indicated.  She added some snaps to hold the front seam closed.  I, even your humble correspondent hisself, made a cone from posterboard bought from TG&Y.  I rolled that cone and taped it into shape.  Then the Ruler of All Sewing made a sheath from leftover bits of that selfsame dyed sheet, to form the wizard's hat.

Behold the finished product with tears of joy!

You can tell that in the first, indoors picture, my glasses were off and I bore a fake 'stache.  But the outdoor photo give you the beauty of it hot, as Eliot says in The Waste Land.

In coming weeks you will see how well that this stupendous bit of tailory has stood the passage of the years.

Come back Wednesday for more March Mazeppa Madness.  Until then . . . LAWZEE!

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