Monday, March 04, 2019


Anybody who's anybody that grew up in the mid-1970s with access to Tulsa TV stations knows who Mazeppa Pompazoidi is!

If you don't know, then get educated at his webpage, or at Tulsa TV Memories.

Throughout the merry month of March, you're gonna be stuck with MY Mazeppa memories, so there!

In 1970, I attended Madison Junior High and worked in the library.  (A moment of silence in honor of the patience of Mrs Rush, the librarian.)  When Halloween time was near, I teamed up with my buddy Mark Brim to decorate the library bulletin board for the season, with a certain tilt...

I'm the gallant clown on the left.  Yes, Mark and I had nearly identical corduroy coats.

I must inform a crestfallen art world that although I was the auteur of the Mazeppa portrait and the wheel-of-colors thing below it, both timeless works of felt-tip frissonage are lost to the mists of history.

Stay tuned each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of this month for more MARCH MAZEPPA MADNESS!

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