Monday, January 16, 2012

Into the Wild Blue -- ULP!!

Bob and his smart pooch have made it back to June, 1916.  Now they have to figure out how to rendeszvous with Captain Wednesday, Tuesday's grandfather, and solve the secret of the Golden Gazelle.

What a happy coincidence that the guy Bob landed on top of on the previous page was Joe, Wednesday's mechanic.  Now Bob has an excuse to ride along!  The crack about drinking the hair tonic refers to the fact that when this comic came out, alcohol was a prime ingredient in "greasy kid stuff" used to slick back men's hair.

Baron Von Flugelmop?  Sounds almost as dangerous as the Red Baron!

And so, as Bob swoons, Harvard Harvard III decide to make it a REAL dog fight (get it?)!

But first, a page or two from our sponsors ...

By the way, do YOU remember the little melody that goes with the caption of the Tootsie Roll ad at the bottom of the page?  "Long time, long time!  chewy chewy Tootsie Roll lasts a long time!!

 -- see you next time.

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