Saturday, October 03, 2015

The Dream -- An Attempt at Poe-esque Narrative

My 14-year-old self hopes you will forgive the emulation of the more stereotypical aspects of Mr E A Poe's style.

Of course, one way to prevent this problem is to not get drunk!  Worth a bemused notice is the way the narrative trails off, signifying the overwhelming approach of sleep ... which bodes ill for our bathetic narrator.

'Tis a bit of an imaginative stretch to imagine that a typed manuscript could taper off its story in such fashin.  Pray tell, if the typer had fallen into the arms of Hypnos, who then removed the paper and collated the pages, presenting them to the reader?

Nonetheless, Is it any less patently unbelievable to imagine that a typed MS could taper off in such a manner, than to accept such a practise in the set type of a volume of eldritch prose penned by the Dreamer of Arkham?

This enjoyable communion of minds shall resume on Monday.  Return hence, ye!


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