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MA-77 - Monsters on Parade

            This year’s anthology of music for the Hallowe’en season features those lovable misfits … MONSTERS!  Our cover art features a line-up of many favorites.  The majority of the critters’ images came from various online coloring-book pages.
            However, the Leader of this Pack holds a special place in my heart and memory.  Yeah, that pile of garbage in the bottom right corner.  That isn’t just ANY pile of garbage, It’s The Heap!
            The Heap was featured in Mad #5, back when it was a full-color comic book.  The story, “Outer Sanctum!”, was written by Harvey Kurtzman, with art by the ever-lovin’ Bill Elder.  It’s as much a parody of EC horror comics as it is of the anthology radio show “The Inner Sanctum.”  Look up the entire story of “The Heap!” from its various (probably illegal) postings online.
            My encounter with Heap came about because my big brother had a copy of the 1959 Signet paperback The Bedside Mad.   “Outer Sanctum!” is the first story therein.  So thanks again to my big brother Robert for this part of my joyfully corrupted childhood.
            As an added bonus feature, the “I smell something stinky”-faced moon -- in the sky in the CD cover art --  is ALSO from this classic Mad tale of science gone wrong.

            Back to the present compilation.  Here’s our musical line-up:

01. The Monster Attacks (from "Creature from the Black Lagoon") - Dick Jacobs and His Orchestra - Bob McFadden, narrator (2:29)
02. Big Foot - Googie Rene (2:33)
03. King Kong - Tarantula Ghoul and Her Gravediggers (2:13)
04. Gwendolyn and the Werewolf - Hutch Davie and His Honky Tonkers (1:56)
05. Dracula - The Zane Brothers (3:02)
06. Dr  Jekyll and Mr  Hyde - The Who (2:38)
07. Don't Meet Mr  Frankenstein - Carlos Casal, Jr (2:16)
08. Monsters Are Coming - Jonathon Roberts (1:38)
09. (I Was a) Teenage Creature - Lord Luther and The Kingsmen (2:46)
10. Skunk Ape - Donny Lee (3:24)
11. My Mummy - Mel Cavin and the Kokonuts (2:28)
12. Dracula's Daughter - The Woggles (2:06)
13. Abominable Snow Creature - The Corillions (2:48)
14. Monster Meet - The Creed Taylor Orchestra (1:51)
15. Frankenstein of '59 - Buchanan and Goodman (2:31)
16. Frankenstein Returns, Pt  2 - Buchanan and Goodman (1:02)
17. Vampire Girl - Jonathan Richman (3:33)
18. Were Wolf - Carl Bonafede and The Gem-Tones (2:11)
19. Monsters Rule OK - The Viewers (2:47)
20. Gila Monster - Joe Johnson (1:40)
21. Monsters Lead Such Interesting Lives - Mel Tormé (1:28)
22. Frankenstein Walk -  Gene "Bowlegs" Miller (2:25)
23. The Monster - A Pair of Kings (1:51)
24. King Kong - Albert Elias (2:25)
25. Curse of the Mummy's Tomb - The Coffinshakers (1:52)
26. Monster Hash - The Toyes (3:20)
27. Bigfoot - Don Jones (2:35)
28. Date With a Vampyre - The Screaming Tribesmen (3:47)
29. Creature of the Black Lagoon - Lord Melody (3:07)
30. Monster Shindig - Danny Hutton (1:57)
31. Bride Of Frankenstein - The Squalls (3:04)
32. Igor's Party - Tony and The Monstrosities (2:24)

If you’re familiar with some (or all) of these songs, forgive an old ghoul’s inability to dig up some fresh meat.  Look upon the selections as old friends … who came back from the dead … and smell like it ….

Now that you know the way, don’t be a stranger!

We'll see you here for a new post each day of October (except for Sunday's when we'll take a breath), for ... Blog-O-Ween! 

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siys said...

Thank you Mark! Can't wait to listen. Happy Halloween!
Stevo In Yr Stereo of Nightmare City Halloween

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