Friday, October 02, 2015

1970s Paper Ephemera, 1

On Fridays this Blog-O-Ween, we're going to look at some Halloween decorations from the 1970s that have been in my family since .. well, the 1970s.

Here we have a Frankenstein Monster that's obviously based on Glenn Strange's portrayal of the monster.  Of course, It wasn't until long after adulthood that I made the mental connection between the Monster of  Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein and Sam, the bartender at the Long Branch Saloon, in Gunsmoke

This scarecrow-and-moon is one of those non-threatening images that can be interpreted as Harvest, Fall, or Thanksgiving, as well as The Real Thing.

The non-specificity was probably an asset in the era of devil-fearing that engulfed my twentieth decade.  To me it's always been pretty pathetic for a team member to focus more on fear of the opposite team captain, than emulation of your own leader!

Halloween isn't "from the devil" any more than Big Band music or Survivor.  But it can be more fun than either one!

See you tomorrow with some of my teenage attempts at scary-story writing.

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