Monday, February 16, 2015

Paying the Bills

More from our page-by-page tour through Superman #176:

This subscription page is not only prime fodder for the those-were-the-days crowd, it's also a bit of a conundrum.  You see, I assume that these ads were set up long before the particular issue in which they ran.  Memory tells me that they were commonplace in DCs of the times.

What intrigues me is that one of the art pieces from this ad is from a story IN THIS VERY COMIC BOOK!  That's right.  The blog post from a week ago contains it.

To me it seems a bit of recursive comic-book magic.  I am certain that the upper image in this ad, Superman running with a money bag, is likewise from a published story ... but my old brain can't recall it.  Any suggestions?

"Jerry the Jitterbug" was one of those often-encountered gag strips.  Comicvine tells us it was by Murry Boltinoff;  The Comic Book Database  tells us it appeared in a bunch of titles, without giving specific issues.

The bottom half of the page is a typical ad for Cheerios.  These Rocky-and-Bullwinkle Cheerios ads kept running long after the original network runs of the cartoon (1959-1964).  But this ran about the end of the show's first-time run.  Syndication kept it evergreen, of course, into the 1970s.

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