Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Now the Kryptonite Moves the Plot

In this Tale of Green Kryptonite from Superman #176, our plot-device-narrator, a piece of Green K, has stricken Superman near the North Pole.  After escaping its dire influence, the desolate location has inspired him the build his secret hideout, the Fortress of Solitude, here.

I wonder if Superman decided to hide similar "airplane markers" around the world's other mountainous regions, so this one wouldn't be too distinctive.  Not a bad suggestion, eh?

The installation of those "jets of anti-biotic gases" seems like a good precaution.  The more savvy of us begins to wonder what part of this set-up will prove to be the Chekhov's Gun for the punchline of this story.  We can certainly assume that Professor Clyde's anti-radiation device, along with this tale's framing theme of Kryptonite, will soon occupy stage center.

Isn't Panel One a great iconic depiction by the master, Curt Swan, of the Clark Kent-to-Superman transformation?

And dig those crazy tongs! -- along with the oversized sledge hammer and giant shovel.

Read carefully the rapid set-up to the payoff, given at the bottom of the page.  Professor Clyde's ray has "changed the wave-length" of  the Green K's radiations.  We know this, because the piece of Kryptonite tells us it can feel it!

And since the "flinch test" causes no bad feelings in Superman, in a few minutes Professor Clyde will send Kryptonite-changing rays ALL OVER THE EARTH.  This seems a bit impetuous, don't you think?  Even a grade-schooler might think that this is rushing things a bit.  Wait and see!

And how big will his upcoming bill from Metropolis Water and Power be?  That kind of world-spanning broadcast will use a lot of energy!  Maybe it will split the world like a Tesla Tower gone mad!

Come back Friday to find out!


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