Friday, February 20, 2015

Tell the Truth and They Think It's Hell!

In pages 2 and 3 of "Superman's Moment of Truth!" from April 1965's Superman #176, we learn a little more about Superman's sudden attack of truth-telling.  And it's not just him, Supergirl, too.

Superman tells the truth about a baby pageant from hell, and when Lois upbraids him, he replies that he just told the truth as he saw it.

Meeting Supergirl, he hears her tell a similar story about a dinner the Supergirl Fan Club.  Well, they DID ASK how she liked the food.

AS you can tell from their conversation, this sudden spate of candor isn't something our Super Heroes are doing on a whim.  It seems as if it's a duty, a task they must do, if only for today; a day that's "going to be the longest day of the year for both of us!"

More examples of perhaps unwanted honesty, as Superman  informs Jimmy that his date is a fake (wouldn't YOU want to know?).  I like the tossed-in reference to Jimmy Olsen's canonical girlfriend, Lucy Lane.  (As an airline stewardess, perhaps she's on a long assignment overseas.)

But aren't we glad that Professor Potter's onion-juice squeezer isn't a facet of every municipal installation?

But as we can tell, the "psst -- get a load of this!" (once known as the clothesline or back-fence network) information system works fast!  Perry White sort of knew what to expect when Superman laid the stinky truth on him about that ever-present cigar.

And that afternoon. when Superman takes his place at a scheduled trial, who knows what will happen to him at the hands of a tricky defense lawyer?

Since I'm very experienced in courtroom etiquette (hundreds of hours of Perry Mason, Matlock, Law and Order, and Judd for the Defense), my first thought is:  Why doesn't the prosecutor yell, "OBJECTION, Your Honor!  Relevance?"

I suppose that our hero's super Kryptonian brain plotted out a few branching possibilities and was prepared for some trick like this, because Supes doesn't bat an eye at the defense attorney's outrageous demand to learn the Secret Identity.

Over the weekend, we'll wonder along with Lois ... what will Superman do?  Come back Monday to find out, in the next pages of this dynamic Super-Tale!


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