Thursday, July 03, 2014

REPOST -- MA-73 - American Favorites

This is music relating in some way to the country that I love.  The country that, ideally, tries to to the right thing. That in its best intentions, stands for fair play, individual rights, private property, and the value of the individual.
01. The Star-Spangled Banner - Jerry Goldsmith (1:22)
02. This Land Is Your Land - Peter, Paul & Mary (2:27)
03. Let’s All Be Americans Now - Arthur Hall (3:05)
04. People Like You and Me - Glenn Miller & His Orchestra (3:46)
05. The Stars and Stripes Forever - The US Army Ceremonial Band (3:33)
06. Home on the Range - The Sons of the Pioneers (2:41)
07. God Bless America - Kate Smith (2:04)
08. Variations on “America” - Charles Ives (7:10)
09. The House I Live In - Frank Sinatra (3:39)
10. The Magnificent Seven Main Title - Elmer Bernstein (1:59)
11. Pleasant Moments - Scott Joplin (3:02)
12. Ragged Old Flag - Johnny Cash (3:08)
13. No Restricted Signs (Up in Heaven) - Golden Gate Quartet (2:59)
14. You're a Grand Old Flag - James Cagney (5:39)
15. High Noon - Tex Ritter (2:47)
16. Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me) - Glenn Miller & His Orchestra (3:11)
17. Battle Hymn of the Republic - John Williams & The Boston Pops (5:01)
18. A Lincoln Portrait - Aaron Copland (15:44)
19. The Stars and Stripes Forever - Vladimir Horowitz (4:00)

In my opinion, Track 1 is the best instrumental version of the National Anthem anywhere.  Another reason to be grateful for Jerry Goldsmith!
The various sentiments in other songs or musical pieces may be corny to some, but for me it is HONEST corn.
The version of "A Lincoln Portrait" is from the early 1980s, dubbed over FM radio onto a cassette that was well-played.  There is hiss.  But this track also includes the composer, Aaron Copland as the narrator of the piece.  That makes it worth the listen! Whenever I think of these words of President Lincoln, I now imagine them in Copland's sincere, reedy voice.  Who doesn't get a chill hearing the final words of the Gettysburg Address backed and capped with such wonderfully stirring music?

Remember, the only thing worse than our system of government is ... all the other ones.


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