Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Welcome Back to The Fortress of Markitude!

Previous visits to my nonsolitary stash of superness were here:

And, as with previous posts in this series,  PLEASE NOTE:  all of these pictures were taken a few years ago when the place was less cluttered.  All text is in the present tense anyway.

Now we’ve reached the inner sanctum of inner sanctums, the Comics Closet.

You can tell by the presence of videotapes that these photos are a few years old.

Here is a better shot of all of the STAR TREK model box lid illustrations, cut out and mounted like patients etherized upon a table.  I must confess the truth, that most of these cutouts are courtesy of my friend Ed Porter, who had even more STAR TREK models than I did.

The small piece of STAR TREK model seen hanging from the ceiling in the top right corner is the AMT electrified Enterprise model from STAR TREK: The Motion Picture.

At the bottom you can see a fan piece of Superman art I bought at a SoonerCon.

If you can imagine taking a 90-degree left turn from the previous photos and taking a picture with your right shoulder touching the videotape shelf above, then you’ve got the viewpoint of the above image and the next one.

Hanging above is the electrified shuttle sold  in tandem with the Galoob 3¾-inch STAR TREK: The Next Generation figures.

Below that is an inflatable NASA space shuttle, and at the top of the photo you can see part of the STAR TREK: The Motion Picture AMT version of a Klingon ship.

Since this photo was taken, there are even more long boxes in there!

From this angle you can also see Ed Porter’s Battlestar Galactica model in the distance, hanging at the far end of the ceiling from the light fixture, perfectly at home with the other spaceships.

As you can tell from your angle on the inflatable space shuttle hanging from the AC grate, this is a reverse angle from the previous two photos, with your back against the videotape shelf seen in them.  (Yes, MORE videotapes!)

Well, I’m going to leave you in VHS limbo on this instalment of our series inside the Fortress of Markitude.  More to come!


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