Friday, April 29, 2011

Buying No More Superman Comics

Well, you might not have know this but I have been buying comics even nowadays, basically the DC-Superman lines.

Action Comics #900 is the last comic book I plan on buying for a while.  Because Superman renouncing his US citizenship is something I don't like.  That is, I don't like the editorial policy reflected here.  That's the "Blame America First" policy, if you didn't know.

The basic values of Truth, Justice, and the America Way are the best goals of any country.  While there is a heck of a lot wrong with some of the things around here, the only worse country is ALL THE REST OF THEM.

Superman, as a comics/cultural character, will always be American, in the best sense.  It's a shame that his creators seem to be focusing on America's failures and not using Superman as a tool to point them out, while believing that we can be better if we only LIVE UP to our ideals, like fair play and personal responsibility.

Saying, "I'm going to take my cape and run away" is NOT the Superman who, like Abraham Lincoln, "belongs to the ages."

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