Thursday, April 28, 2011

Strange Critters

Here we have a small assortment of books dealing with Alien Animals.
Clark & Coleman have produced a couple of books.  Usually they lead around to a theory that these critters aren't run-of-the-mill flesh and blood animals that are always here.  The beasties are examples of bleedover from another realm whose manifestations here, on OUR plane, have a supernatural appearance.

In this book, Holiday likes to find older antecedents comparable to today's reports.

Warren Smith, a pseudonymous author, jumps right into the mystical realms, asking breathlessly "Coud it be???" that so-and-so could be true.

This other book by Holiday, specifically about Nessie, says that she really exists, but is also a "magickal" creature from the Goblin Realms.

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