Sunday, August 22, 2010

RorschWEEK Number 5

OK, this is another easy one.  But on the other hand, you could consider it a two-fer!

If you've seen the wonderfully creepy movie The Mothman Prophecies, or are simply an amazed observer of Our Haunted Planet (to steal a phrase from John Keel), you've heard of Mothman.

This image of Mothman is actually one of the earliest eyewitness depictions.

Now, First Impression Number Two (is that possible?) is simply that the Rorschach V plate is pretty reminiscent of Arthur, longsuffering sidekick to The Tick.

Don't tell me you don't see it too!

Now, our little what-do-you-see for next time is Rorschach Plate VI, as seen on the left side.  You don't get to say it looks like Bill the Cat!

Until next time, ACK! or is it SPOON!

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