Tuesday, August 24, 2010

RorschWEEK Number 6

Here is another macro-image.

An easy one, eh?

The Rorschach book said that oftentimes folks would "see" a flayed animal in this inkblot.

Of course, since the Rorschach blot test came around BEFORE Star Trek, it's always possible that Matt Jefferies, or whoever designed the original Klingon ship, had seen a few inkblots and decided to incorporate one!

In a few days, we'll see what you think about "Plaat vii."  View the original below.  It may remind you of one of those "do you see the vase or the faces" ads in the back of SAGA magazine, but I think you'll agree with me in a few days, that my take is more dead-on.

And, no, "dead-on" was not a clue.

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